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Folders - specific limit for Members (this does not apply to Admins):
- Submissions to "Digital Art": 2 deviations per day.
- Submissions to "FROM our MEMBERS": UNLIMITED deviations per day.
- Submissions to "Fan Art":  2 deviations per day.
- Submissions to "Literature": 2 deviations per day.
- Submissions to "Miscellaneous": 2 deviations per day.
- Submissions to "Photography": 2 deviations per day.
- Submissions to "Traditional Art": 2 deviations per day.

All submissions are subject to vote, as usual.

OK guys, here it goes:

1.  I suggest you submit only your very good works to: "Digital Art", "Fan Art", "Photography" and "Traditional Art" folders.

2. If you are not certain about your work, in matter of quality, style or other subjective criteria, I advice you to submit your work into the "FROM our MEMBERS" folder (due more for the fact that this folder is not limited when it comes to the number of submissions per day), then I'll review your work (as I always do) and change the deviation's folder with one of the folders mentioned above (at point 1), if it's indeed a good piece of art.

3. "Literature" and "Miscellaneous" folders must form the object of works that relate to our group's theme: androgyny, androgynous aesthetic, gender ambiguity, femininity in men, as masculinity in women etc.

4. About Cosplay pictures:
-  is not what we are looking for when it comes to our gallery, but certain works can be accepted if the cosplay is not that obvious.
-  we really want our group's members who blur gender lines to express their inner selves, and their contradictory feelings when it comes to this beautiful form of self-expression.

5. For the rest of you guys, the artists who joined our group because you liked what you saw, and who create works that depicts such themes, as the ones mentioned at point 3, what can I say...Create, Create, Create!

I hope I didn't left aside anybody when I wrote this down...

Thank you all for joining and...let's take a break from our everyday lives when we meet here, on AndrogynousAesthetic .

AA Founder

Journal Writers